A cost-effective service designed to work with your budgets, and we don't charge VAT!

Our approach to pricing has always been to be as transparent as possible, and wherever possible stick to a published price list.

Planning Permission

A fully managed service

Once you have a complete set of drawings suitable for planning, we provide a comprehensive managed service to get it through the planning process.

If its a simple application that doesn't need extra reports, we charge just £795.00 for a comprehensive managed service that includes working throughout the process with the relevant Planning Officers

In addition we recharge the planning fees, at cost with no margin, which typically work out around £260.00 for a Householder application.

If you need additional reports, such as an environmental survey, we engage one of our specialist partners and again, do not add a profit onto their services.

Pre-App advice

An expensive insurance

Rather than give free advice, Councils now ask you to pay for a guidance as to the likely success of your application. They require the same set of plans as a full application, together with design statements.

Our standard fee for 'Pre-App' is £595.00, which reflects the slightly less onerous workload than a full planning application

The Councils' fees vary hugely, but we recharge these at cost in addition to our charges.

Please note also that if you do go for a Pre-App you will still have to pay the full costs of the planning application, as none of the information or forms supplied, can be re-used!

In our opinion this makes it a very costly route to follow for householder applications, it is far more appropriate to larger developments where the planning fees are much higher

Complex applications

Councils love tick boxes

We are finding an increasing admin burden on applications due to more and more forms being required. While we can cost effectively produce many of them, others need specialists.

for simpler additional forms we charge between £100 and £300 per form. These include:.

* Heritage Statement for the project.

* BioDiversity checklist.

* Energy ConservationStatement.

* Nitrogen Load Calculation.

* Ecosystems Services Statement for the project.

For more complex specialist reports we commission a range of specialists who do this stuff much more cost effectively than we do, and they will you directly. This would cover reports such as:

* Flood Risk Assessment.

* Wildlife Surveys.

* Environmental impact surveys.

* Heritage impact on adjacent properties.

Planning Consultancy

A piece of string...

90% of planning consultancy is down to desk research and knowing the local policies. More complex developments will need discussions with the council, potentially even Pre-Application advice

Our charges for consultancy are based on an hourly rate of £125.00 and we make sure we deliver excellent value..

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