How we can help you

As Planning consultants we offer a wide range of services.

Planning Permission

The Gold Standard

In theory planning frameworks are set by the National Planning Policy Frameworks. In practice each local authority has its own core development strategy, which will consist of different strategies for each of the parishes in the district.

You also have to deal with the complexities of development in conservation areas, AONBs, SSSI, Harbour Conservancies and National Parks, which take up around 60% of the land area in Surrey and Sussex, and each has its own quirks and requirements, such as Design & Access statement, Heritage Statements, Flood Risk Assessments, and environmental analyses.

So it's a lot more complex than just looking at a plot of land and thinking "that's obvious". If you don't tick all the boxes, permission will be refused.

Change of Use

Repurposing redundant space

Sometimes you need to change the use of space from commercial to residential, or perhaps from one type of commercial to another.

A particularly popular one is changing a barn or stable into a holiday let

This is a very complex aspect of planning, as it can involve environmental surveys, wildlife impacts Flood Risk, and even nitrogen audits

We can advise you on the likelihood of success, and will only proceed if we believe it is high

Permitted Development Rights

A minefield for the unwary

There is a widely held misconception that PDRs are licence to develop without constraint, but nothing could be farther than the truth. They are explained in a very thick government document.

There many anomalies and sometimes you'll get a way with much more under PDRs than you would in Planning.

Fortunately we know our way around them well, so can advise you on the best, and most cost-effective route to stay safe.

Planning Appeals

Licenced to lose £££

Even though we've never lost one, we no longer do planning appeals because they are very expensive, and high risk. However we do work very hard to make sure our clients never face the possibility of having to go through one!

We do that by making sure that whatever we propose will tick all the boxes of the local planning policies, core strategies and SPDs for the specific local authority you are dealing with.

Not surprisingly, each authority has its own specific rules. For example if you lived in Highdown, Portslade, you won't be allowed to put up a 'wraparound' extension to a victorian house. However, if you live in the same street, under Adur council, you will .