About us

Sussex Planning Services pretty much does what the name suggests - we provide Planning Consultancy and services for people looking to get planning permission in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

We have a deep and detailed understanding of the specific nuances of each local authority with whom we deal. That's one of the reasons we enjoy a 100% success rate at getting planning permission.

Over 30 years of
planning experience

From housing developments...

Our first development was over 30 years ago when we got permission to build a development of seven houses on a four acre garden in Felbridge

...through unusual extensions...

We've specialised in the last twenty years in getting permission for people to extend their houses in a range of environments, from harbour side locations to National Parks and conservation areas

...via Changes of Use...

We've dealt with some fascinating people with diverse needs, from conversion of barns and stables to residential, to travelling showmen needing somewhere to overwinter.

...to planning consultancy

A lot of people aren't sure about whether or not they need planning and what it involves. We offer a free 15 minute surgery for anyone who calls is to give that guidance.

If you're looking at any kind of development and need some quick planning advice, give us a call on 01273 227778